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Includes 3 items: a colourfall, Zip-a-Dee, and Rainbow Sqwooz to relax the mind, provide tactile stimulation, release nervous energy and solve...

Fun & Focus Pack

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Sensory toy in the shape of a cactus, featuring 8 flexible, threadable pieces with various textures and colours to create fun and vibrant...

Sensory Cactus

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Squishy, soothing feline friend is designed to support mindfulness and deep breathing. Luna offers three different breathing patterns for children...

Luna the Calming Kitty

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Tilt and roll to arrange the spheres into order, all while navigating around the two blockers. Line them up by number or roll them into a perfect...


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Have 4 unique textures. Different patterns and colours maximize sensory stimulation. Colours and styles may vary. Each sold separately. Ages 6...

Textured Mini Balls