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Complete FrenchSmart provides ample practice for learning and mastering French. Concise explanations with examples guide children along and ensure...

Complete Frenchsmart Gr. 4

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Developed specifically for children learning French as a second language, FrenchSmart helps supplement and consolidate what your child has learned...

Frenchsmart Gr.8

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Engage students in art activities inspired by seasonal ideas and Canadian artists! Teach essential easy- to- follow art concepts such as: colour,...

L'Art A Portee De La Main 4-6

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Is there someone you love more than cones love ice cream? This gorgeous, playful book introduces infinite possibilities for saying "I love you"...

Je t'aime plus (French)

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Divya is scared to put on a bindi for the first time. What if she gets made fun of? What will it feel like? But Amma assures her that her bindi...

Mon bindi (French)

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