Let's Talk About Images ~ Parlons des images
  • Let's Talk About Images ~ Parlons des images

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Let's Talk About Images ~ Parlons des images

Product Number: PIC3


Foster the 4 language skills of beginners’ FSL curriculum with images chosen for content including a variety of people, familiar situations and activities, different seasons, and celebrations. Practice basic Q&A leading to independent interaction skills. Useful for initial teaching, for review, and for evaluation.
  • 45 full colour images (8.75” x 12”) with content questions & sentence starters on back
  • Projectable PowerPoint CD
  • Reproducible student booklets
  • Teacher notes and suggestions included
  • PIC1 – Simple images of familiar situations, have students start to describe using beginner language skills and basic vocabulary of CEFR A1 oral interaction skills.
  • PIC2 – Builds on beginner language skills. Engaging images continue to incorporate CEFR A1 oral interaction skills to describe the scenes and the interactions that occur in the situations described.
  • PIC3 – CEFR A1 and early A2 language skills with a focus on comprehension and interaction. Use of future and past tenses. Identify relationships, feelings and imagine what happened before and after.

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