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Stories of Art Series
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Stories of Art Series

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These books provide stories of famous artist throughout history. Grade 2-6. Paperback.
***Pieter Bruegel, a Netherlandish Renaissance painter, was famous for the paintings of peasant scenes. Let's look at his paintings closely and discover the hidden stories and messages in his artwork.***
***French artist Jean Francois Millet was deeply moved by the ordinary life of the people in Barbizon, who were poor yet always maintaining a heart of gratitude. This story aims to show what he saw and painted by telling a story of young girl pleading with her busy parents to go on a picnic.***
***A French painter Edgar Degas enjoyed capturing the small moments in life by observing people with an attentive eye. This story weaves Degas' paintings into the story, while also illustrating Degas' character.***
***Georges-Pierre Seurat was a French painter known for creating artwork with unusual techniques. The story guides readers through Seurat's thoughts as he pursues a new style of art.***
***The story reveals the secrets of The School of Athens that Raphael, the famous Renaissance artist, painted in the Vatican.***
***This story illustrates how Klimt, an Austrian painter, expressed the inspiration from nature in his own style of the gold colored decoration in his paintings.***

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