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Our Values Series

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These books teach children about different religious beliefs, how to make good choices in life,respecting others and their community. Grades 2-4. Paperback.
***Celebrating Different Beliefs:- No matter which religion people do or don't practice, our values teach us to respect each other's right to practice their religion. Young readers will learn that sharing values like this one helps us live and work together in a community.***
***Making Good Choices:-Readers will learn that making responsible choices means doing what you think is right. It also means showing respect for others as well as ourselves in the things we choose to do.***
***Respecting Others:-Children will learn ways to show respect to others using manners, obeying laws, showing empathy, and having respect for yourself too.***
***Sharing Our Global Community:-This books explains to young readers that being part of a community allows us to make friendships and work together to solve problems at home, at school, and in our cultures.***
***Caring For Earth:-All people are part of a global community that has a responsibility to care for planet Earth. This important title introduces environmental stewardship to young readers. Relatable examples show readers how to care for the environment in their own communities, and how even small changes can help address issues in the global community.***
***Staying Safe:-Being aware of our personal safety is important in all aspects of our lives. This engaging title teaches readers to think about their physical and online safety, as well as the value of building positive relationships with others. Real-world scenarios help encourage readers to feel empowered to make safe decisions.***

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