Wall Panel Caterpillar
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Wall Panel Caterpillar

Product Number: SSBEL236-5
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The five individual elements (Head, Turn Labyrinth, Scale, Spinn Top, and Clock) present an exceptional wall decoration and offer children different possibilities to play. Clear designs with a high stimulative nature point out the various options to play. Motor activity, creativity and communication are fostered in particular. The different elements are gliding over the play wires and train and eye-coordination and fine motor skills. Balls can be transported through the wheel labyrinth by the help of the magnetic stick. With the help of the magnetic stick the balls are carried onto the pair of scales.By turning the orange wheel, all other wheels are turning, too. Depending on the fastness, special visual eff ects will arise. A clock that off ers a playful access to the topic "time". The small wheels show the four diff erent seasons and four different times of a day. Ages 3 and up.

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