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children's Clear Pattern Free Face Shield

Product Number: R90052


The children's Clear Face Shield is a reusable and washable face shield intended specifically for use by children. A clear view of the child's face makes the shield ideal for speech and behavioral therapies and hearing-impaired students. Also, the clear polyester face shield helps to cover the child's face while discouraging the child from frequently touching his or her own face.The adjustable head strap can be sized to fit most children. The tabs on the side of the shield are inserted into the head strap in a way that curves the face shield away from the child's face, allowing for comfort and breathability. Includes: 8 face shields; 8 headstraps, assembly instruction sheet. It is important to clean the face shield after each use with soap and water and a disinfectant. Follow the instructions for the disinfectant you are using for proper cleaning techniques. Never share masks before they have been cleaned. Ages 3 and up.

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