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These foam printers are designed to fit in the palm convenient elastic strap on the back. This set includes faces, hand and foot designs.

Palm Printers

The beautiful paper is printed with 8 different skin tones. Encourage children to cut along the dotted-lines and then style the hair by trimming,...

Scissor Skills Paper

Comes with three flowers and leaves, a pot and a special cut out of a bird or adorable bug. Decorate with paints, crayons or pastels. Add pipe...

Flower Garden Sculpture

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Form delightful paper bugs based on 16 common insects! Decorate the printed bugs with crayons or markers. Punch out the pre-cut pieces; fold and...

Beautiful Bugs

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Washable. Non-toxic. No need to stir or shake thanks to the non-settling formula! Comes in an easy-to-use .25 ml bottle for easy dispensing. 8...

Tempera Paint Set